Our story

Our first client, in 1986, was Chicago beach hotel that was in the same location where Jumeirah Beach Hotel is now. Since our first client, it was clear that Dubai was destined to become one of the biggest tourist hubs in the world.

30 years ago, we started a passionate journey to serving quality. And throughout this journey, we have a lot of stories to tell.

We are proud and grateful that we have been blessed with prestigious partnerships in our clients and suppliers. In this journey, and in order to become and remain one of the market leaders we kept always looking for the best solutions that can benefit our clients and we have succeeded in doing that by partnering with names like Schwamborn, IPC, Heute, Eurosteam, Proandre, Unger, Sebo, Ozone clean, and others.

We have always, exclusively, worked with the best in the business. That allowed us to serve our clients with the latest technology and to offer the highest quality. Also, with many of our partners, we have built relationships that go on from generation to generation. We found that when we share similar passions in serving the clients, our partnerships turn into long-lived alliances and that will only benefit our clients.

The strength of our promise does not rely solely on the quality of our products but also in the standards of doing business that we eagerly follow such as committing ourselves to always deliver on time, offering innovative and transparent after-sales service, and by always asking for a fair price.

When you work with us you can expect that we will become an extension of your team and that we will give you advice, guidance, and design with you the right solution for your business. No matter what your requirements might be, we will help you in acquiring:

  • Cleaning machines
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Air Purifiers and Ozone machines
  • Stewarding & Hygiene
  • Guest rooms supplies
  • Front of the house
  • Construction machines
  • Decorative lighting and lampshades replacement

And we are always looking forward to enjoying a coffee with you.